Will the Last Ones be the First Ones in the Stock Market by 2024?

Last Updated: 20. Dezember 2023By

Christmas is right around the corner. And in this last week before the holiday not much is expected to happen.

No new impulses are expected From companies there are hardly any relevant news. I reported to you yesterday about the results of Adobe.

The central banks have also completed their meetings and nothing more is expected from the economic front. At least nothing that would give the markets fresh impulses.

Turnover will also drop significantly as many capital pools have already closed their books or will do so during the week.

The annual winners could still be sought The winners of this year could still be sought. We can count Meta Platforms, Nvidia and Microsoft as these, as you will probably already know.

Meanwhile, the annual losers may have a hard time of it. But that could soon change!

Will the last ones be the first in 2024? Almost always you find among the losers of a year the winners of the following year.

The best example are the annual winners of 2023. Because in 2022 the shares of Meta Platforms and Nvidia developed particularly badly, only to gain 200% or more in price this year.

Some simply take longer Of course this calculation does not always work – and nobody can still predict it. Here a look at China is enough. China stocks were among the losers in 2022, only to continue their descent this year. Not all titles, but the overwhelming majority.

But I also expected US titles such as PayPal or Walt Disney to get back on track this year. That was not the case, but I remain highly optimistic about these two examples in particular!

2024 will bring many exciting investment ideas More comeback chances could also arise in the field of renewable energies in 2024. Here are titles for which next year could be a good stock market year again, after the market leaders came under the wheels in 2023.

On the other hand, you should be vigilant in the AI sector. Of course, the hype of the high flyers could go on, but some of the winning stocks in this sector could become a bit thinner. So a break would even be healthy.

No matter how, it is important that you remain optimistic in the long term and do not give up quality stocks.