Why the rally in Bitcoin is likely to continue

Last Updated: 7. März 2024By

The recent introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the USA is a milestone in the history of cryptocurrencies.

This now allows „conventional“ investors to trade cryptocurrencies through regulated exchanges, without having to trade Bitcoin directly (i.e. through a so-called wallet).

As expected, rumors about the possible introduction of an ETF already boosted the price of Bitcoin last year. When it finally happened in January 2024, prices briefly dipped. This was also predictable. Buy the rumor, sell the facts. This is the usual principle of short-term traders.

Strong rally: Bitcoin gains over +50% in just 6 weeks! Meanwhile, the rally is still going strong. And at an incredibly impressive pace. At the peak of profit-taking in mid-January, we saw Bitcoin prices briefly drop below $40,000 USD, but now they have already risen to over $60,000 USD! That’s an increase of over +50% in less than 6 weeks!

At around $68,823 USD, the old all-time highs of Bitcoin from late 2021 are now within reach. This could soon prompt some investors to take profits again.

This development now raises the question: will the rally continue or will it soon come to an end?

Bitcoin with a strong rally to over $60,000 USD – how much longer? Source: aktienscreener.com

Everything now depends on these developments for Bitcoin! Short-term, the sentiment among Bitcoin investors is strongly overheated, which often leads to pauses in the rally. However, in the long term, the increasing demand due to the new spot ETFs in the USA should lead to a sustained high demand for Bitcoin.

However, there are other developments that may have an even stronger influence on the price development of Bitcoin in the coming months. These influences are very strong. They could change everything.

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