What an incredible start to the new stock market year!

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The US benchmark S&P 500 had a moderate start to the year, as expected. After the very good stock market year of 2023, a breather is not a big surprise.

However, what surprised me in this situation was the truly excellent performance of the Power Portfolio of my stock market service Voigts Global Profits, which has already recorded a hefty +8.2% portfolio gain in the first two weeks of the new year alone!

What a fantastic start to the new stock market year! In theory, we could now sit back and relax, as these gains already approach those of a good stock market year. But of course, we won’t do that, because we have very good prospects for significantly more gains.

Our Argentina stock exploded in the past few days, as did our numerous AI stocks with new all-time highs, and our uranium stock also seems to be announcing the next rally. It’s just running great!

Massive gains at the beginning of the year. And with the start of the year in the Global Profits Investor Portfolio (+0.6% so far) and the Global Profits Trading Portfolio (+2.2%), we can also be satisfied after this short period.

This is especially noteworthy considering that the DAX has been significantly in the red since the beginning of the year, the US stock market has only held steady, and cryptocurrencies have fallen noticeably due to temporary profit-taking after the approval of Bitcoin ETFs in the US.

What is remarkable here is that Ethereum has caught up with Bitcoin and has been performing significantly better recently.

This could be an indication of a shift in the crypto rally towards second-tier coins (altcoins). For this development, I have already prepared new recommendations for my Global Profits readers. I am just waiting for the end of the correction, and then we will strike.

All of our portfolios significantly outperform the market in 2024. Let’s note the following development: all three of our model portfolios are shining at the start of the year with a significant outperformance compared to the overall market.

Many of you may now be wondering: What will happen in the stock market this year? That’s why I’ve brought you the second part of my annual forecast in my latest weekly edition.

Here, it is mainly about what the seasonal effects in these days reveal about the development for the whole year.

I can reveal this much in advance: In the coming weeks, the stock markets probably won’t be breaking any records. But gathering strength is extremely important.

I still have some very hot candidates on my watchlist that I would like to recommend for purchase at slightly lower prices. A breather would be just right for us.

The post office will be busy in 2024! I also expect a comeback of certain stocks this year that have been resting for the past two to three years.

While our „usual long-distance runners“ (AI stocks, growth stocks, and cryptocurrencies) will continue to rise, these long-neglected sectors will now be rediscovered. Due to the extensive break, the comeback could now be even more powerful.

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