Wealthy individuals turn to digital investing!

Last Updated: 5. Februar 2024By

A global study by asset manager Amundi has revealed results that confirm my regular recommendations for innovative investment platforms. Digital investing is no longer just popular among young investors, but is gaining importance in all age groups and investors are increasingly turning to online platforms.

The Amundi study, conducted in eleven European and Asian markets, reveals that nearly two-thirds (64%) of international retail investors are investing through digital platforms. The level of digital engagement is similar across all age groups, which is quite surprising. 66% of 21-30 year olds are investing digitally, which is not surprising. However, the percentage of 50-60 year olds is also a significant 59%. Only a third of investors still invest solely analog or choose a hybrid approach.

Digital investments and advice are not mutually exclusive. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that the wealthiest investors primarily manage their money through digital platforms. The study also highlights that the increase in digital investing is accompanied by a desire for financial advice. 75% of the surveyed retail investors have already sought professional financial advice. This trend increases to 87% for households with an income of over 125,000 euros.

For higher investments equal to or above an annual salary, around 40% of wealthy retail investors rely on the expertise of professional advisors. Around half of users of digital investment platforms plan to invest an even higher percentage of their assets digitally in the next 5 years. The trend towards digital investment platforms is further fueled by changes in the savings behavior of many citizens due to inflation.

Overall, almost one in three people has already changed their savings behavior. However, these adjustments are not as consistent as seen on an overall economic level, where there is a clear positive correlation between savings rate and inflation. Two-thirds of those who report a change in savings behavior are saving more due to inflation. One third, on the other hand, say that they want (or can) save less. One in eight respondents stated that they have changed their investment form because of inflation. Here, too, Bitcoin, in particular, offers an alternative not only for innovative digital investors, but also for conservative capital protection investors.

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