US Stock Market: Record Highs for the Start of the Year

Last Updated: 5. Januar 2024By

The old year ended with record highs, fortunately. All major US indices closed at or near all-time highs.

Our three Global Profits model portfolios are doing great. As I expected, the weaker US dollar has given a nice boost to the US stock market.

US leading index S&P 500: Start of the year with record highs Source:

Global Profits Trading Depot brought my readers a whopping +30.22% profit in 2023! Readers of my stock service Voigts Global Profits were able to close the year 2023 with consistently nice profits, with the most speculative portfolio (the Trading Depot) bringing us the highest reward with a hefty portfolio gain of +30.22%.

And all of this with only three positions and no losing trades! It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

Perhaps this is also an argument for you to consider including our speculative positions more strongly in your portfolio. As you know, you can mix positions from all three model portfolios at any time.

Off to a good start: huge profits for us at the beginning of the year! The new year also starts with a bang. Bitcoin shoots straight up to new multi-year highs at just under $46,000 due to new speculation about the imminent approval of a Bitcoin ETF in the US.

This gives our Global Profits Trading Depot another strong boost. Our initial position in Bitcoin ETF has already brought my readers a profit of almost +80%, and our additional purchase on October 24 has already yielded a profit of over +30%!

As a result, our Trading Depot starts the new year with a significant increase of +1.60% on the first trading day! These are the first major profits of the new year for us โ€“ earned effortlessly.

Of course, we would love for this to continue. And it probably will, as I have some more things in store for my readers in this sector.

I also don’t want to hide the flip side of the strong rally since the end of October from you. The stock market is significantly overheated and due for a noticeable pullback. You may now be asking when, how long, how far, and what should I do?

You can find my answers to all of these questions in issue no. 1 of my stock service Voigts Global Profits.