Uran is the hottest commodities bull market for 2024!

Last Updated: 9. November 2023By

We at the Taipan editorial team are aware that uranium and nuclear energy are controversial topics in Germany and that recommendations for uranium investments are not for every investor. But we also look at the facts objectively: Germany is going down a lonely and lost path in the field of nuclear energy.

The rest of the world is massively increasing its commitments to nuclear energy. Nations around the globe are building new nuclear power plants. China alone has 150 new nuclear reactors in the planning or already under construction. Even Japan is turning back to nuclear power. Because without nuclear energy, climate goals are not achievable in the medium term. This will massively increase demand for uranium in the coming years.

Where will the power for all the electric cars come from? Another important factor that few people have on their radar at the moment: The electric car revolution is a core element of the CO2-neutral climate policy. But one question that climate activists and environmentalists can never answer is: Where should the electricity for all the electric cars come from?

For example, the US state of Texas. Analysts from the energy and environmental consulting firm WoodMackenzie have calculated that if only 60,000 electric cars are charged with the next battery generation at the same time, the electricity grid in Texas will collapse. 60,000 electric cars sound like a lot. It’s not. In Texas, 24 million vehicles are registered.

In addition, there is a massive increase in demand for energy from the technology sector – fueled by the AI revolution. There is only one way to solve this dilemma in an environmentally friendly way: nuclear energy. It is the only emission-neutral form of energy that produces enough electricity for the world of the 21st century.

Uranium demand in a new bull market Around the world, governments have already understood this. The US nuclear safety agency NNSA announced on 19 December 2022 that the US will build its own uranium reserve to secure its own power supply. This is a smart move.

Because nuclear energy is the second largest source of electricity in the US – and by far the largest source of CO2-free energy sources. I expect that other Western countries will follow, which will further increase demand.

Conclusion: But it gets even better for the uranium market! Not only will demand continue to rise – the supply is as low as it has been in over a decade! I know: Uranium and nuclear energy is not for every investor. That is absolutely understandable and okay. But if you have no reservations about the uranium sector, one of the most exciting commodity bull markets of the coming years awaits you.