Unfair! How CFD traders fight against windmills!

Last Updated: 23. Januar 2024By

Good news first! I have now found a broker that meets all of my specific requirements for the 1plus3 indicator. And I have also received the green light from the responsible manager to start copy trading there.

Once everything is finalized, tested, and the system is in place, I will of course inform you about it. But now let’s talk about things I have discovered during my research. It’s no wonder that about 70 percent of all traders lose money with CFDs. Especially with the insider information that I will reveal to you below.

Can beginners even make money with CFDs? Rounded up, I have to answer with a clear no here. How well do you know CFDs? What is a lot? How does leverage work? What is a pip? And what kind of account did you choose if you already have experience with CFDs?

I assume that you cannot answer all of these questions off the top of your head. If you can, congratulations! You are probably among the single-digit percentage of CFD professionals who know how things work. If not, that is completely understandable and today I will provide you with background information that you as a small investor will never receive when it comes to CFDs.

Because the chance of ending up with a profit in your annual report is minimal. Those who are not well-informed and follow the recommendations of Telegram stock groups or signal providers have usually already lost before even opening their first trade.

This is how CFD traders are being robbed! There are different types of accounts offered by brokers. The accounts for beginners are advertised for a simple reason: everyone makes money except for the investor. You may already be familiar with this advertising model: „No commission and low spreads!“ Sounds good at first glance. No commission/no fees must be great. After all, you won’t have to pay anything.

But unfortunately, that is just an illusion. Many brokers advertise that their spreads are more favorable than their competitors. The spread is always the difference between the buying and selling price of a security. And that is exactly what ultimately destroys many traders‘ trades. Depending on the time of day, the spread can become quite large.

Then the stop loss – which hopefully has been set – is reached faster than planned and the trade is ruined. Of course, many beginners trade without a stop loss and quickly empty their accounts. I know this from experience. That’s how we all start.

Especially if we want to regularly take small profits from the market, it is important that the spread is as narrow as possible. This is only the case when we pay a fixed fee for the trade, thus reducing the spread to 0 or close to 0. Then we are less likely to be stopped out, resulting in more successful trades. I would rather pay 1 euro per trade and end up with a profit of 200 euros than give up the fee, get stopped out unnecessarily, and lose my entire investment.

But fees always scare people away at first. So small investors prefer to trade with a small spread and without any additional costs. That is the mistake. And that’s what the brokers take advantage of.

2 CFD accounts – only one for winners Now let’s talk about the different types of accounts. Brokers name them arbitrarily. But in most cases, there are always two different types. One account with spreads and no official fees. The fees are, of course, hidden in the spreads, but the broker won’t reveal that. And one account with fees that charge an average of 3 US dollars per traded lot.

You now know that you should always choose the account with fees. Unless you are testing CFDs with 200 euros. But even then, you will probably only trade 0.01 lots, so that would only be 3 cents per trade. No matter how you look at it, we have to move away from spreads, which make our lives difficult. We can beat the market more easily if we don’t have to fight against spreads.

This number explains the exploitation quite simply After researching and talking to numerous brokers in recent weeks, the same result always came out. Those who bring in new customers can earn money on every trade. The absolute kicker: if I recommend customers to take accounts without fees and with spreads, I get 4 times the commission!

Let that number sink in: the broker can pay the brokers four times as much if they advise future customers so poorly that they choose the worst account! It couldn’t be any clearer.

That’s why we also choose the other option. After all, I want all of us to grow our accounts through successful trades under optimal conditions! We are already fighting against the market, so I don’t need any additional windmills. I will show you exactly how to get started in the next few days.