This stock is spectacular and profitable!

Last Updated: 28. Dezember 2023By

At the start of the month I had reported to you about the opportunities in the Argentine stock market, which have emerged now with the change in president and the prospect of comprehensive economic reforms.

The announced measures have already strongly boosted the stock market, so that the Argentine stock exchange is likely to be the performance winner by points this year by a wide margin.

However, due to the weak peso and the expected currency losses, but also due to the weak productivity of the Argentine industry, I had to advise you against investing in the MERVAL (the Argentine DAX) as a whole.

This stock is spectacular and profitable! But how about this:

An Argentine growth stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange in hard US dollars. Growth is not only high (revenue growth from 470 to 10,540 million USD in the last 10 years!), but also healthy. Because it was financed WITHOUT debt from the current income.

In addition, the company shines with fantastic results – also in recent times – while the valuation is currently far below the level of the past. And only the chart technique – a dream!

Since the election in Argentina, the stock has been in a steep rally to its all-time highs. Most recently, it has skyrocketed. +40% in the last 6 weeks alone is already a huge boost!

Breakout with at least +60% profit potential is running! Source:

By the way: the long-term performance is also correct here. Had you invested only 1,000 USD in the stock 5 years ago, you would now have almost 4,000 USD together. A nice sum…

In my stock market service Voigts Global Profits we have been invested for some months now and have made nice profits. Of course, my readers will continue to benefit from this stock! Now that politics is likely to provide tailwind instead of headwind.