This stock can make you a millionaire.

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There are good and bad stocks. And there are absolute high-flyers. The shares of chip manufacturer Nvidia undoubtedly belong to this rare category.

In this, only two-month-old year 2024, the stock has already gained almost 60% (!) in value!

The value of Nvidia’s stock rose by 277 billion US dollars in just one day last week. Never before in history has a single company gained so much in just 24 hours.

Nvidia: The high-flyer has already gained almost +60% in 2024! Source:

Although the market capitalization of Nvidia is now very high at 2 trillion USD, the company is now worth more than all 40 German DAX companies combined. And there are currently only three companies in the world that are even more expensive (Microsoft, Apple, Saudi Aramco).

However, the company was able to easily offset its declines in the Chinese market, generate exponentially increasing profits, and is likely to continue to surprise investors with positive news.

Around a year ago, I recommended to readers of my stock service Voigt Global Profits to buy the stock at a price of 234 USD. I had a very ambitious target price of 666 USD at that time. This was precisely reached on February 2, 2024.

Today, after the surprisingly good earnings of last week, the stock is even at 787 USD. My readers have made a profit of a whopping +229.76%. That’s a more than threefold increase in capital. And it could even be more.

This stock can make you a millionaire By the way: If you had bought Nvidia shares for just 1,000 USD at the IPO in 1999, you would now be a triple millionaire. So it’s worth staying invested here.