The strategy for crypto providers: Think globally, act locally.

Last Updated: 12. Februar 2024By

Austrian cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda has made a number of changes to its platform, giving its users more options for how and when to invest. With these important adjustments, Bitpanda significantly improves user-friendliness for its customers. Users of the Bitpanda platform will no longer have to pay fees for deposits or withdrawals of fiat currencies such as Euros, Swiss francs, or US dollars, regardless of the currency or transaction method used.

This strategic move aims to allow crypto investors and capital investors in general to be more flexible and effective in deciding how to react to market changes and how to invest in the 2,800 assets now available on Bitpanda.

Bitpanda customers have the freedom of choice: From Apple Pay to bank transfers and credit cards to PayPal, Bitpanda is the only broker that completely eliminates fees for all currencies and all deposit and withdrawal methods, from PayPal to Apple Pay to credit and debit cards. Additionally, Bitpanda has increased payment limits on the entire platform, including raising the daily credit card limit from 10,000 euros to 20,000 euros, well above the market standard. This also means that the European broker offers one of the highest daily and monthly limits in Europe.

These changes are part of a comprehensive series of modifications aimed at providing Bitpanda users throughout Europe with equal access to the platform and offering them greater flexibility in depositing and withdrawing their money. This also includes the introduction of new transaction methods.

Bitpanda’s partnership with PayPal was announced last December and is already active in some markets, with plans to launch in the Eurozone and Switzerland in the coming months. Bitpanda will also add several new local verification methods and plans to increase localization in several key markets later this year. Overall, these changes will make trading more accessible, increase transparency, and have an impact on users‘ deposits or earnings.

The strategy for crypto providers: Think globally, act locally To be successful, Bitpanda must be a local player in every market where the fintech company operates. This means that Bitpanda must be more local and accessible to everyone. The individual teams or responsible persons at Bitpanda make local decisions in each market to convince a specific target group.

This starts with the use of the most common local verification method and ends with the most popular payment method in the respective market. According to Bitpanda, the reason they can reduce their payment fees to zero is simple: Bitpanda’s customers are very loyal to the cryptocurrency exchange, which was founded in 2014.

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