The stock of Talanx has reached an all-time high and is on a strong rally in 2023.

Last Updated: 7. Dezember 2023By

Talanx stock has been one of the best performers on the market in 2023. Since the beginning of the year, the stock has gained nearly 50 percent and in the last few weeks it has gone up another 10 percent. Just a few days ago, the Talanx stock reached a new all-time high and is currently trading at around 67 euros (as of December 7th, around 11 a.m.).

After the rally of the past months, the medium-term potential for the insurance stock seems limited. However, the raised targets for the year 2024 and the hefty dividend yield are certainly arguments for the title – even if the analysts are not all optimistic.

Talanx: These are strong numbers On the one hand, Talanx has fully convinced in terms of profit in the third quarter of 2023: compared to the same period last year, the company has achieved a profit of 452 million euros – more than 88 percent. After 9 months of the year, the profit is a strong 1.28 billion euros. This very good development has also prompted the company to raise its targets for 2024.

After the presentation of the Q3 figures, the Talanx stock has risen sharply and is now slowly but steadily approaching the 70 euro mark. Most recently, the paper set a new all-time high a few days ago with almost 68 euros – the year-end rally for Talanx stock is already in full swing.

Talanx stock: What is already priced in? Compared to other papers, the Talanx stock has been doing very well all year round. Due to the strong performance, it is also questionable what price potential the title still has or what has already been priced in after the good news of the last few months. This is also reflected in the analysis of Deutsche Bank, which sees no more room for maneuver with a target price of 58 euros and a hold recommendation.

On the other hand, the increased profit expectations for the coming year and a decent dividend yield (based on the payout for 2022) of around 3 percent are good arguments for the Talanx stock. Berenberg Bank has therefore also raised the target price of the stock to 76.20 euros and recognizes even more potential.