The Salzgitter stock: New forecast for 2023.

Last Updated: 17. November 2023By

The Salzgitter stock has been able to gain in the last days after the publication of the nine-month figures, although the challenging economic situation is certainly noticeable. However, many bad news is already priced in the course of the paper – starting from the annual high in March, the title is listed around 35 percent in the minus.

Even the forecast cuts in sales and earnings had little effect on the Salzgitter stock in recent weeks, they came as little surprise to investors and analysts. In the coming quarters, it will not be easy for the steel industry, but in the long run it is above all the ecological transformation process that is decisive.

Salzgitter with revenue and profit decline after 9 months Compared to the same period last year, the steel company has achieved around 8.4 billion euros, almost 14 percent less. The weak economy was particularly noticeable in the 3rd quarter. The decline in earnings is even more visible.

Accordingly, EBITDA with 576 million euros is very clearly below the almost 1.4 billion euros from 2022 – in the end, after 9 months, there were just 194 million euros after 946 million euros in the previous year. When interpreting the figures, however, investors should also bear in mind that due to exploding steel prices 2022 was a particularly strong year for Salzgitter.

The forecast for 2023 published in March could not be kept by Salzgitter. Originally, an annual turnover in the region of 13 billion euros was assumed, now only 11 billion euros are expected. The EBITDA forecast is between 650 and 700 million euros, the pre-tax profit is expected to be between 200 and 250 million euros.

Salzgitter stock: Here are opportunities and problems Especially in the short term, it could remain complicated for Salzgitter, as a real economic recovery is not yet in sight and steel prices are not yet noticeably increasing. Therefore, it is likely that the Salzgitter stock will remain volatile in the coming weeks and months.

Hope can make investors realize that much has already been factored in here and the trend is generally pointing upwards again. In the medium and long term, cost savings and above all the transformation towards a significantly CO2-leaner production are of great importance for the company and the Salzgitter stock. After all, the promised subsidies for the company restructuring amounting to 1 billion euros do not seem to be in danger at the moment.