The masses are heavily invested in stocks – caution!

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The stock market can still be quite entertaining. By the end of October, the majority of investors had the pants scared off them. They were throwing out all of their stocks from their portfolios because there were „suddenly interest rates“ or even betting on falling stock prices. In particular, private investors bought unusually many puts. US hedge funds even speculated on a historically unprecedented scale on falling prices. But the crash didn’t happen.

October: Masses speculated on the crash, my readers bought stocks The news agencies and mainstream media headlined masses of pessimistic headlines at the end of October about the worst stock market October in 5 years, which was responsible for the mass flight of investors from stocks.

Shortly afterwards, there was only one direction for US stocks: sharply upwards. How many investors may have been caught on the wrong foot? How many sold directly or close to the bottom, just to watch the rising prices without investments?

US stocks: The leading index S&P 500 has been rising sharply since October! Source:

Fortunately, the readers of my stock exchange service Voigts Global Profits were warned by me. They even used the favorable prices for new purchases (Hershey stock and Bitcoin ETN). They were not disturbed. This has already paid off for these readers. All of our three model portfolios are at fresh yearly highs!

The masses are heavily invested in stocks – be careful! But now we are seeing the exact opposite of the panic October in the headlines of the investor magazines in the USA: optimism has spread.

The investors have completely forgotten their fear. Apparently they have just grabbed stocks with both hands at higher prices than a few weeks ago. But no matter, now it can only go up.

At the stock exchange it always comes differently than the masses expect But of course it will also be completely different this time than the masses expect. It is just so at the stock exchange that almost never happens what the masses expect.

But it is precisely this that also makes the charm of the stock exchange. Usually only the smart and/or the patient investors win. The investors who have a proven strategy. And those who have a good stock exchange service.