The financial system in focus: What will still save you now!

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60 billion euro credit authorization, which had been „approved“ to cope with the corona crisis, was to be diverted and used for climate protection.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner may have been able to foresee that tricks with a 60 billion special fund could potentially be discovered, but he took the risk – until the Federal Constitutional Court put a stop to it.

Serious loss of trust The gentlemen and ladies in Berlin have not only lost 60 billion, but also the trust of the German citizens, or rather what little trust was left. The protests of farmers, restaurateurs, hauliers and craftsmen make it clear how deep the anger runs.

The deceit surrounding the budget must be taken seriously. You must be aware that nothing is sacred to politicians anymore. Respect towards citizens is completely lacking. Projects are pushed through at all costs – costs seem to play no role.

The Federal Constitutional Court’s ruling last year put a stop to one project, but other projects will follow, must be and will be financed. Disruptions in the financial system with high losses are unfortunately becoming increasingly likely. You should be prepared for this scenario.

Why investing in gold is a good choice now Investing in gold is a good choice now – and for two reasons.

1. Gold investments offer a high degree of protection, as gold is independent of the fluctuations of other asset classes such as stocks and bonds. The precious metal has limited availability and therefore cannot be artificially increased.

2. The gold price is currently on the rise. After twelve years, gold reached a new record high of over $2,100 per ounce at the end of last year.

From 1999 to 2011, the gold price had risen by a total of more than 600 percent. This was followed by a long period of stagnation, as the following twelve years were characterized by sideways movement. Technical analysts recently evaluated positively that in 2022, the important level of $1,600 was successfully defended three times. Buying interest had repeatedly emerged at this level.

Chart technicians see the development of the gold price in the last year as a strong signal. They expect further highs.

Excellent forecasts According to Handelsblatt, Jörg Scherer, head of technical analysis at HSBC Germany, described himself as a „pronounced gold bull“ with a view to 2024. The previous all-time high of $2,135 reached in December makes him optimistic, Scherer continued. „After the old high from 2011 was finally overcome on a year-end closing basis, the way is clear for further gains.“

Other analysts are similarly optimistic. Frederik Altman from the broker house Alpha expects a rise to $2,265, his colleague Christian Henke from the broker IG forecasts $2,170 per ounce. Karin Roller, stock trader and board member of the Association of Technical Analysts Germany (VTAD), even considers $2,300 to be likely.

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