The Deutsche Telekom stock has potential for growth.

Last Updated: 1. Dezember 2023By

The Deutsche Telekom stock has gained nearly 20 percent in the last 4 months and is trading at just under 22 euros, just below the all-time high (apart from the dotcom bubble prices) from April (as of Dec. 1, around 11 a.m.). Since the beginning of the year, the share price has risen by around 17 percent.

The latest quarterly figures of the DAX corporation have turned out to be solid, so that the outlook for the current financial year could be slightly raised again. Analysts are also convinced of the share’s price potential: in the latest analyses from November, all experts recommend buying.

Telekom with decent Q3 figures With a turnover of around 27.56 billion euros (minus 4.9 percent compared to Q3 2022) and an EBITDA AL (including leasing costs) of around 10.49 billion euros (similar to the previous year), Deutsche Telekom met expectations quite exactly. Slightly more was expected in terms of consolidated profit โ€“ here, however, Telekom was able to increase by around 22 percent to 1.92 billion euros in Q3.

Due to the solid development, the company has slightly increased its targets for the full year. The adjusted EBITDA AL is now expected to be around 41.1 billion euros instead of the previously targeted 40.8 billion euros. The free cash flow AL should be 16.1 billion euros (previously 16.0).

Deutsche Telekom stock: Analysts are in a positive mood The long-term direction of the Telekom stock is right โ€“ the share has gained almost 50 percent in the last 3 years and with relatively low fluctuations. It is likely that there will be a slow but steady growth in share price in the coming quarters. Accordingly, the analysts are optimistic.

In the latest analyses, all experts have spoken up in favor of the Deutsche Telekom stock. Some examples from November: Barclays sees the target price at 26 euros (potential good 18 percent), Goldman Sachs at 28.20 euros (potential just under 30 percent) or JP Morgan Chase even at 31 euros (share potential good 40 percent).

With solid prospects and a decent dividend yield of more than 3 percent, the Deutsche Telekom stock remains an interesting investment. Long-term oriented investors should at least take a look at it.