Tesla stumbles – today marks the start of the week of super earnings.

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We are in the most important week of the quarter – at least if you are invested in big tech companies. I also call it the „Week of Super-Earnings“:

Because five out of the „Magnificent Seven“, the seven largest technology companies in the world, will open their books this week and report on the past quarter. The only exceptions: Nvidia will release its quarterly figures on February 21 and Tesla already reported last week and disappointed investors.

Tesla: From a technology leader to a car manufacturer Many investors are now realizing that Tesla, once a technology leader, has become a normal electric car maker. Especially in China, competition is fierce. Growth is slowing down globally and margins are increasingly under pressure.

Tesla fans are now hoping that Elon Musk will be the first to bring a mature humanoid robot to the market and achieve a similar coup as many years ago when the company was almost unrivaled in electric cars. However, this division will only generate profits, if at all, in a few years.

On Thursday, the day after the quarterly results, Tesla’s stock fell more than 12%. This puts Tesla now at the level of November 2020. Long-term oriented investors have thus experienced more than three years of standstill, while most large tech stocks are trading at or near their all-time highs.

Should you invest in big tech companies shortly before their quarterly results? Who are the other five tech giants reporting their results this week?

Alphabet and Microsoft will open their books after the market closes today Apple, Meta and Amazon are on Thursday As always, I recommend not investing directly in a stock before their quarterly results – unless you like to gamble and love casinos.

If a company’s results and forecasts for the next quarters are better than expected, it is possible that the stock will make a jump immediately.

However, the example of Tesla also shows what can happen when a company disappoints. Just one day later, you can have a big loss in your portfolio.

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