-Technologie Mastercard is setting new standards with AI technology.

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Today we are talking about a particularly exciting advancement in financial technology, presented by Mastercard. The company recently introduced a new AI technology that not only detects fraud attempts better, but can also prevent them directly. This innovation represents a significant progress in the security of financial transactions.

Impressive quarterly figures underline Mastercard’s success In the fourth quarter of last year, Mastercard exceeded analysts‘ expectations with an impressive net profit of $2.8 billion, an increase of 11% compared to the previous year. Earnings per share before special items reached $3.18, even 10 cents above the forecasts. This result was mainly made possible by the continued high spending of US consumers, a trend also observed at competitor Visa. With an 11% increase in transaction volume and a revenue growth of 13% to $6.5 billion, Mastercard demonstrates its strong market position.

Six-month chart of Mastercard Mastercard has broken through moving averages and had an impressive run. (Source: Stock Screener)

Expansion and innovation as growth drivers Another milestone was the granting of a bank card clearing license by the People’s Bank of China, giving Mastercard a decisive advantage in the Chinese market. In addition to geographical expansion, Mastercard is focusing on technological innovations. The acceptance of contactless transactions is increasing and with the introduction of „Decision Intelligence Pro“, an advanced AI model, Mastercard is setting new standards in fraud detection. This model allows for real-time evaluation and prevention of suspicious transactions and is expected to improve fraud detection rates by an average of 20%, and in some cases up to 300%.

Significant investments in the future of security Mastercard has invested more than $7 billion in cybersecurity and AI technologies over the past five years, highlighting its commitment to security in the financial sector. These investments are now paying off, as they not only enable banks to save costs, but also to identify and predict future fraud patterns.

Conclusion The recent developments at Mastercard, especially the introduction of „Decision Intelligence Pro“, demonstrate the potential of AI in the financial industry. Mastercard is not only financially strong, but also looks to a promising future through innovation and expansion. Mastercard’s commitment to technology and security offers investors and consumers alike added value, strengthening confidence in the digital payment system.

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