Talanx Stock: New Profit Forecast for 2024

Last Updated: 13. November 2023By

The Talanx stock was able to gain about 2 percent after the presentation of the Q3 figures and is now trading slightly more stably above the mark of 60 euros. Even though the all-time high from September is still some distance away due to the capital increase: The share has risen by a solid 37 percent since the beginning of the year and the price has doubled in the last 3 years.

A few weeks ago, the insurance group had already increased its profit forecast for the current year. Now, with the publication of the quarterly figures, the company has followed up and also raised the forecast for the next year 2024. The previously targeted profit of 1.6 billion euros for 2025 is now expected to be exceeded already in the next year. Investors are responding positively to the new estimate as expected.

Talanx: High profits, new goals With 452 million euros, Talanx’s quarterly profit was 88 percent higher than that of Q3 in 2022. After 9 months of the current year, the company has achieved a profit of around 1.28 billion euros – so the forecast of „significantly more“ than 1.5 billion euros for the full year, which was only raised in October, appears to be quite conservative.

Given the strong development, the insurance group has now also raised its profit forecast for the next year 2024. Talanx expects the profit to rise to 1.7 billion euros next year – previously, the medium-term goals had envisaged a profit of 1.6 billion euros only in 2025.

Talanx stock with strong performance For shareholders, this is of course very good news. On the one hand, Talanx is developing better than expected and is likely to fully impress on the profit side already in 2023. On the other hand, the dividend could also be higher than planned – more about this will be announced only at the end of the year.

Talanx is really doing well and the raised profit forecasts recently for 2023 and now for 2024 make it clear that the Talanx stock can still continue to rise. However, investors should bear in mind that the company has so far been spared major damage this year – and that the Talanx AG share has already risen sharply in the last months and years. In case of bad news, there could be a consolidation at any time.

Talanx stock, 3 years – Source: https://aktienscreener.com