Talanx share: Record profit in 2023

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The Talanx share has only moved slightly after the presentation of the preliminary business figures for the year 2023. However, in the past 12 months, the paper of the insurance group has already risen sharply: The share price has increased by around 50 percent over the year, with a new all-time high of 70 euros set in December, and the share is currently trading at around 66 euros (as of February 9, 2024, around 10 am).

With the figures for the past year, Talanx has met the recently raised expectations and the company continues to look optimistically at the current year 2024. For investors, the main question now is whether the Talanx share can continue to rise after the rally in 2023. There are certainly opportunities for further price increases – for example, after the presentation of the final figures in March.

Talanx with high profit in the last year On the one hand, Talanx achieved insurance revenue of 43.2 billion euros in 2023, which is almost 9 percent more than in the previous year. On the other hand, the profit has risen to a record level of 1.58 billion euros. Originally, Talanx had forecasted a profit of 1.4 billion euros for the year, but the target was raised.

The group had recently seen a profit of well over 1.5 billion euros for 2023. The plan for the current year is to achieve another record result of over 1.7 billion euros. According to Talanx’s medium-term planning, the profit was originally expected to reach the 1.6 billion euros range in 2025.

Talanx share: Still opportunities despite rally The development in 2023 and the outlook for the current year show that the insurance group continues to perform well. Given the rally of the Talanx share in 2023, some positive news is already priced in. This usually increases the risk of setbacks. Nevertheless, the share continues to offer opportunities for investors.

Because: On the one hand, there are still analysts who see potential: Berenberg Bank has recently confirmed its price target of 76.20 euros. On the other hand, concrete annual targets or a significantly increased dividend (most recently 2 euros, an increase is targeted) could provide further momentum for the Talanx share. Both are possible at the presentation of the final figures for 2023 on March 21.

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