Talanx: 47% Since the Beginning of the Year – Is There Still Potential?

Last Updated: 22. November 2023By

Can you make money with insurance stocks? Then you should take a look at Hannover. There Talanx has its headquarters. The multi-brand provider is active in the insurance and financial services sector. In this structure, Talanx AG acts as a management and financial holding company, assuming overall responsibility within the group. Within the group, several independent companies operate under different brand names such as HDI-Gerling, PB and TARGO and AmpegaGerling as fund provider and asset manager.

Talanx increases profit by 88% In the 3rd quarter the profit was 452 million euros compared to 240 million in the same period last year. For the nine months, the company reported a net profit of 1.28 billion euros, compared to 926 million euros last year. The earnings per share from ongoing operations was 5.05 euros compared to 3.66 euros a year ago.

Full-year forecast is increased The previous strategic midterm target was for a profit of more than 1.6 billion euros for 2025. The group result is to increase to „more than“ 1.7 billion euros.

Strong stock price increase since the beginning of the year The chart shows that investors are satisfied with the company this year. Since the beginning of the year, the share price has already increased by 47%. How much potential is still in the stock?

After chart breakout only 16% price potential Conclusion: After the stock has already performed well this year, analysts currently see little further potential. Only one of 9 analysts recommends buying, 6 want to hold and 2 analysts want to sell. The average analyst price target of 66 euros has already been exceeded. Some analysts see a further potential of 16% to 76.20 euros. A price-earnings ratio of 10 based on the 2024 profit estimate cannot be considered expensive. You will get a bonus as an investor anyway: A dividend yield of 5.43%.