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Recently, there was a spectacular election result in Argentina. So what? – you may be saying now. Well, my stock service is not only called Voigts Global Profits, but we truly take advantage of the profit opportunities that present themselves worldwide.

And Argentina is currently offering a very special opportunity for you as an investor!

Let me briefly describe the situation. Argentina is the second largest economy in Latin America after Brazil. So not a „small fish“. The country has been in a severe economic crisis for decades.

Argentina has been completely run down The constantly changing socialist governments have completely run down the country because they can’t handle money. The bloated state apparatus consumes huge sums, the inflation rate was 138 percent in September, the currency is collapsing due to money printing. In addition, 40 billion USD in debt is pressing on the International Monetary Fund IMF – in hard currency.

More than a third of the nearly 47 million inhabitants live below the poverty line. The economy is groaning under bureaucracy and has low productivity. At the same time, the shadow economy is flourishing. Also because the taxes are sometimes outrageously high and people have to make ends meet due to the high inflation.

Typical consequences of a socialist policy So we see the typical effects of a socialist policy: in the end everyone is equally – all equally poor. The same game is currently running in Germany. Let’s hope that the coalition government doesn’t have enough time to run our country down as well. But back to Argentina.

Argentina: liberation coup by change of policy? Recently, the ultra-liberal MP Javier Milei won the election for the presidency of Argentina. On December 10th he will officially take office. Milei promised lower taxes and the introduction of the US dollar as a legal tender, the abolition of the central bank (which moved extremely much money), and many ministries as well as the reduction of social benefits.

He has already announced the privatisation of state-owned companies and public broadcasting. He is also said to be selling part of these companies to service the foreign debt of Argentina.

Economic program currently boosting stock markets The program is well received by the economy. Less bureaucracy, less taxes, privatisation – that’s exactly what the stock exchanges appreciate!

Find out how the election result affects the stock markets and how you can benefit from it in my article tomorrow.