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In my previous post, I introduced you to the strategy of international diversification and showed you the benefits it can bring to your wealth. Today, I want to demonstrate these advantages with a practical example.

Let’s move from theory directly to real investment practice and actual figures that will surely convince you that international diversification can be very profitable for you.

Why US stock markets can bring you much higher profits than the DAX In our stock market service Voigts Global Profits, we have gradually moved away from the DAX and now almost exclusively focus on US stocks. This is because we can achieve significantly higher profits at the US leading exchange compared to the DAX.

Since the end of 2017, the DAX has significantly lagged behind the US leading index S&P 500. If you had invested in the DAX 10 years ago, you would have a profit of around 70% in your portfolio today. But with the S&P 500, you could have earned more than twice as much profit in the same period – around +150%!

The chart below clearly shows how the gap between the DAX and S&P 500 has continued to widen in recent years.

S&P 500 vs. DAX (orange): The US index has been generating much higher profits for years Source:

My conclusion: Investing in the US stock market offers you the opportunity for significantly higher profits compared to German stocks.

In my stock market service Voigts Global Profits, we have further refined this profitable approach – for even higher profits.

More about this in my post tomorrow – and at any time in my stock market service.