Stabilus stock: Is there still more potential?

Last Updated: 5. Februar 2024By

Stabilus stock has risen by over 6 percent since the beginning of the year – starting from the low of the end of August, the paper’s price has even increased by about 35 percent. The losses from the first half of 2023 have now been fully recovered by the stock (as of February 5, 2024, around 12 p.m.).

Now Stabilus has also presented solid preliminary figures for the first quarter of the new fiscal year. The company has recently confirmed its targets for the full year and the coming years as well. And analysts remain optimistic – despite the good development of the last few months, is there still more potential for the stock price?

Stabilus with solid preliminary figures With a sales growth of 5.1 percent to around 305 million euros, the Stabilus Group listed in the MDAX has started the new fiscal year on a solid footing. However, the adjusted EBIT has only increased by about 2 percent to 33.3 million euros – accordingly, the margin has also slightly decreased.

For the full year, the company continues to expect sales between 1.4 and 1.5 billion euros as well as an adjusted EBIT margin between 13 and 14 percent. Stabilus has thus confirmed its previous forecast.

The MDAX group also remains committed to its long-term goals: by 2030, Stabilus aims to increase its sales to 2 billion euros – at the same time, the company wants to become more profitable and achieve an EBIT margin of 15 percent.

Stabilus stock: Opportunities are there – possible setbacks as well The outlook for Stabilus remains positive. And with the upcoming acquisition of the US company Destaco, the MDAX group is strengthening its industrial business and making itself less dependent on the automotive industry. Another positive factor: analysts see significant potential for further growth, despite the share price development of recent months.

2 examples: Hauck & Aufhäuser last week confirmed a target price of 82 euros for Stabilus stock. And Berenberg Bank has raised its target from 80 to 88 euros – based on the current price level, this represents a potential of around 33 percent. However, investors should always be prepared for setbacks. Because Stabilus stock has already performed very well since the summer of 2023 and a consolidation is possible, especially after disappointing news.