sorgt für Aufschwung Super Micro Computer stock: Nvidia boost leads to upswing.

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I announced the numbers from Nvidia to you days ago, the AI giant from the USA. Nvidia has now presented very good figures, the stock exploded. In the wake of the general AI boom, the stock of Super Micro Computer has also triggered a special hype.

My assessment: Super Micro Computer has now also greatly benefited from the Nvidia figures (yesterday the stock gained a good 32%!) – and therefore it is worth taking a look at both companies.

Nvidia has surprised again – positively The surprise that I expected here days ago has been achieved by Nvidia once again. The company has reported on the 4th quarter. Revenues have increased significantly from quarter to quarter – and they were significantly above the analysts‘ expectations each time. This time was no different.

Analysts had expected a revenue increase to $20.6 billion in the 4th quarter. Nvidia was able to surpass this estimate with the new revenue record of $22.1 billion by far. In addition, profitability increased immensely compared to the previous year.

But the surprise continued: Nvidia announced its forecast for the current 1st quarter of this fiscal year, which once again surprised: revenues of $24 billion are expected. This would mean that the company’s revenue – based on individual quarters – would more than triple within less than a year. Nvidia itself and its shareholders were delighted – but the entire AI industry can see this as confirmation of the boom.

Hype behind Nvidia: Super Micro Computer’s As described above, the stock of Super Micro Computer has also skyrocketed due to the Nvidia figures. With an increase of 32%, the IT company from Silicon Valley almost reached its all-time high of $1,000. The stock remained at $975, and there were also smaller profit-taking this morning.

Super Micro Computer is not a small company, but is estimated to have revenues of over $14 billion for the current year. It is expected to generate a net profit of over $1.1 billion – which is expected to increase by 20% next year.

At a market capitalization of over $54 billion, the company is valued at a P/E ratio of about 49. In the coming year, the P/E ratio is expected to decrease to about 39. These are valuation patterns that you can see exactly the same with Nvidia. In addition, the trend is still excellent, all trend indicators such as the 50-day, 100-day, or 200-day moving averages have been surpassed. Formally, there are no special valuation or trend differences between Nvidia and Super Micro Computer. Nevertheless, Nvidia is a trillion-dollar company – and as such, much easier to monitor and understand.

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