Sixt Stock: What Are Investors Waiting For?

Last Updated: 13. Dezember 2023By

The Sixt stock has been climbing almost 15 percent since the beginning of November, ending its downward trend in the previous months. Despite the positive development after the release of the latest quarterly figures, the stock is still far from the prices from the spring – the Sixt stock still has catch-up potential (as of December 13, around 11 o’clock).

Although the car rental company recorded a sales record in Q3 and specified the forecast for the full year, the rising costs and the weak economy are slowing the euphoria at the MDAX company. In the long run, however, there are good arguments in favor of the Sixt stock: the valuation is at least fair and the growth opportunities, especially in the huge US market, are high.

Sixt: Figures and prospects overall convincing Higher costs due to the restructuring of the fleet towards electromobility and interest expenses have slightly reduced Sixt’s profit, although the company achieved as much turnover in Q3 as ever before. The outlook for the current year 2023 is overall very decent: the EBT is expected to be between 460 and 500 million euros, the turnover at the end of 2023 at around 3.6 billion euros.

Accordingly, the fundamental valuation of the Sixt stock can be seen – the price-sales-ratio (P/S) is slightly above 1, the price-earnings-ratio (P/E) will land in the low double-digit range. The dividend yield of just under 4 percent is also a plus for investors.

Sixt stock: Potential is there – the question is when it will be called up What investors are still missing is, among other things, a concrete outlook for the coming year. If the forecast for 2024 is convincing and the margin situation improves, this should also boost the Sixt stock. In addition, the weak economy, especially in Germany, is still a brake for the car rental company. Last but not least, it is still unclear to what extent Sixt can really gain market share in the USA in the coming years.

Despite these current restrictions, the Sixt stock remains an interesting paper for medium and long-term oriented investors. The fundamental figures show that the title is not overvalued and there is still catch-up potential here with regard to the chart picture. The price potential for the Sixt stock is also reflected in the analysts: Last week, Baader Bank confirmed the price target of โ‚ฌ140 (potential well over 50 percent).