Profit from the Bitcoin price with these crypto stocks!

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Exactly 3 weeks ago I gave you 2 stocks with which we can jump on the bull market of cryptocurrencies: Marathon Digital and Coinbase. Since then, the Marathon stock has risen by 65 percent. Coinbase climbed „only“ 16 percent – but here I have a long certificate with a factor of 3, so I am up almost 48 percent. Let’s keep it going.

Bitcoin is at its yearly high and driving the prices up. Interestingly, both stocks can still gain a bit more without breaking their own yearly high. There’s still room for growth! Just today, my two stocks in the portfolio rose by over 13 percent. Coinbase also achieved the 13 percent mark, as I reflect the 3-fold value of the price movement with the factor certificate.

Let’s take a look at the charts to see if we should already take profits. Once again, for the back of our minds: The cycle of the crypto bull market is expected to end in summer/autumn 2025 according to plan. Until then, prices can still rise by numerous percentages and also lose in between. Fluctuations are guaranteed here.

Marathon Digital in the daily chart The zone in purple was my planned price for a purchase or repurchase. I bought in on January 22nd for $16.40. Today we are 65 percent higher. In addition, I had taken the first load at $10.74 in August. (I also reported on this in the Trading Insider at the time.)

Now we are definitely still in no man’s land. The colored trend channel is not mandatory. Only an orientation of where prices found some points of interest in the past.

(Source: I’d be happy to see prices rise above $30. As long as the picture of Bitcoin doesn’t change and it continues to be bullish, I see no reason to take profits here.

The next Bitcoin halving is scheduled for mid-April. Currently, it is estimated that we will reach the point where the rewards for a calculated Bitcoin are halved on April 18th. In the past, this time was always a reason for prices to rise. Not exactly on this date – not much happened then. But about 2 months before or after, there was a sign of life from the bulls in the crypto market.

We are just under 2 months away from the halving. In the next 2 months, everything could crash and only rise again in June. Who knows? What we do know: There is now a Bitcoin ETF and more and more money is flowing into it. This should stabilize the price or at least prevent a steep drop. Let’s see what reality looks like.

Coinbase in the daily chart Here too, I marked the buying zone in purple. We even just barely got into it. I didn’t make up the prices, but they were on August 4th, 22. At that time, prices marked the high, which was also the high in my purple box. I ignored the perfect entry, I got in earlier. Didn’t want prices to run away from me. With the 3-fold leverage, I’m still doing well.

(Source: Just like with Marathon Holding, Coinbase doesn’t necessarily scream „take profits“. Sure, we could drop a bit lower. That’s part of it. On the way up – where exactly that is, I’ll tell you in a moment – things will get wobbly from time to time. But we have to go through that if we want to sell towards the end of the bull market.

How high can Marathon Digital and Coinbase still rise? There is still a ton of money on the sidelines. Especially the crypto market can easily increase its market capitalization by 6 to 7 times. Currently, we are at $1.8 trillion. Bitcoin accounts for $975 billion of that. It is believed that we can break the $10 trillion mark in the entire crypto market at the end of the bull market.

Now let’s look at our two stocks. Coinbase was at $368 when Bitcoin made its last all-time high. The stock can easily double and has not yet set a new record.

If Bitcoin is between $100,000 and $200,000 at the end of the next cycle, Coinbase could also double or triple its all-time high.

The situation is similar with Marathon Digital. The all-time high is just under $84. If we take the value times 3 and compare it with the current prices, the stock could multiply by a factor of 9.5 by autumn 2025. Then we would have achieved the famous tenbagger in 18 months. („Tenbaggers“ are stocks that at least ten-fold in value after purchase.)

It doesn’t always have to be artificial intelligence. You can also use the right stocks to take advantage of the boom in the crypto market – without having to buy a single coin.