Our new AI favorite – now almost +60% profit potential!

Last Updated: 24. November 2023By

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently very popular on the stock market. Well-known stocks in this industry (such as Nvidia or Microsoft) are very popular with investors – and therefore unfortunately correspondingly expensive.

However, there are also less well-known stocks with immense AI potential that are significantly cheaper. Today I would like to introduce you to one of these values. The special thing about this stock: it is just starting to take off.

This AI insider tip is now taking off – course explosion! That means for you: an above-average high profit potential, because the majority of investors have not yet noticed this title. But that could change very soon, because the stock is currently breaking out of a longer consolidation pattern to the top!

What is possible here? Currently a price of around 220 USD is called for the stock. With the ongoing breakout to the top, however, a complete revaluation should have started, which can catapult the value to initially 310 and later even 355 USD!

Based on the current price, that’s a whopping +59.19% profit potential! And that within a few months, as similar movements in the recent past have shown.

Our new AI favorite – course explosion, almost +60% profit potential! Source: aktienscreener.com

What’s interesting to me is the fact that the breakout is taking place right now – immediately before the new quarterly figures come in at the end of November. Are insiders buying into the stock, trying to make money from the next course explosion?

By the way, in my stock service Voigts Global Profits we have had the stock in the portfolio for a few weeks (and bought it cheaper than it is now). I already had the breakout to the top on my radar. Now my readers are of course happy that I was right and the first nice profits have arisen before the actual big move runs.