NVIDIA – At the Forefront of the AI Revolution

Last Updated: 23. Februar 2024By

I am excited to give you a deeper insight into the world of NVIDIA today, a company that once again demonstrates how it not only meets but exceeds expectations.

NVIDIA exceeds all expectations. Who would have thought that our journey with NVIDIA would lead us to a point where we are constantly breaking records? Yesterday, after the stock market closed, NVIDIA announced numbers that are quite impressive: the company is the undisputed champion of the AI revolution. The announced figures are impressive: NVIDIA increases its quarterly revenue in the data center segment by 27% compared to the previous quarter and an incredible 409% year-on-year. What is behind this? The NVIDIA Hopper GPU Computing platform and InfiniBand end-to-end networks are driving this growth.

AI training drives growth. What is happening in the market? Companies from various industries are training and implementing AI models on an unprecedented scale, with NVIDIA playing a key role. Estimates show that around 40% of data center revenue was generated from AI inference last year. This growth is further amplified by NVIDIA’s dominance in cloud infrastructure, with major cloud providers responsible for more than half of data center revenue. There is no end in sight for this growth, and NVIDIA is positioning itself as the global leader in this sector.

Innovations drive demand. But NVIDIA is not resting on its laurels. With the introduction of „Chat with RTX,“ the company is expanding its leadership in innovation to local PCs. This development will further fuel demand for NVIDIA GPUs and solidify the company’s position as a driver of innovation.

Conclusion. NVIDIA continues its success story with excellent quarterly numbers and a strong outlook. The numbers speak for themselves: $22.1 billion in revenue in the last quarter and a projected total revenue of around $24 billion in the next quarter. The fact that the world, according to NVIDIA, has reached a turning point in the computer age shows that we are on the threshold of accelerated data processing – a sector in which NVIDIA is a leader. As investors, we should keep an eye on these developments and appropriately appreciate NVIDIA’s strategic position in our portfolios.