Netflix: Potential up to $740

Last Updated: 5. März 2024By

Was there something about war and crises and more and more bad news? Netflix once again showed us that you can make money even in a crisis. Netflix is now a brand name like Coca-Cola. What about you? Do you stream your series and movies through a streaming service, still watch satellite TV, or even completely give up watching TV? Or are you one of the new customers of Netflix?

Strong increase in profits For the fourth quarter, the company reported revenue of $8.83 billion, compared to $7.85 billion the previous year. Net income amounted to $937.84 million, compared to $55.28 million a year ago.

Over 260 million subscribers In the last quarter, 13.1 million new subscribers were added. This is the largest increase in subscribers ever in the fourth quarter, and exceeds the expected increase of 8.97 million by a large margin. This brings the total number of subscribers to 260 million.

Now also wrestling on Netflix Whatever you think of staged fights where nothing is real except a bloody nose, wrestling is a big thing in the USA. Netflix has entered into a 10-year agreement with the TKO Group Holdings (TKO) World Wrestling Entertainment unit for a total fee of over $5 billion for the program „Raw“.

Upside potential to $740 Conclusion: Whether staged wrestling matches are a buying argument, I’ll leave that open. What is clear, however, is that a large majority of analysts see a lot of potential for the Netflix stock. And now a correction is looming for US tech stocks. 31 out of 52 analysts recommend buying, 18 recommend holding, and only 3 recommend selling. With the recent jump in stock price, the average analyst price target of $600 has already been reached, even though it has been raised again. Now it gets exciting: In the last month, the highest analyst price target was $600, now it has been set even higher at $740. With a P/E ratio of 36 based on the profit estimate for this year, Netflix can no longer be considered a bargain.