Netflix Despite Middle East Crisis Still Has Potential for 38% Increase in Value

Last Updated: 7. November 2023By

Amid war and crisis and ever more bad news? Netflix once again showed us that money can still be made in a crisis. Netflix is now a brand name like Coca-Cola. How about you? Do you stream your series and movies through a streaming service, still watch satellite television, or even completely give up watching TV? Or are you one of Netflix’s newly gained customers?

Netflix Increases Revenue and Profit For the third quarter, the company reported a revenue of 8.54 billion US$, compared to 7.92 billion US$ a year ago. Net income was 1.67 billion US$ compared to 1.39 billion US$ a year earlier. Earnings per share from continuing operations was 3.8 US$ compared to 3.14 US$ a year earlier.

Strongest customer growth in the past 3 years Customer growth was the strongest quarterly increase since the second quarter of 2020, when the lockdowns at the start of the global pandemic led to an increase in streaming subscriptions.

Netflix Raises Forecast for 4th Quarter Netflix expects earnings per share of 2.15 US$ for the fourth quarter on revenue of 8.69 billion US$. Analysts surveyed by Capital IQ expect an adjusted earnings per share of 2.24 US$ and revenue of 8.77 billion US$.

Streaming continues – course potential up to 38% Conclusion: As you can see from the chart, Netflix continues to move under high fluctuations with a 1-year uptrend. And the analysts are still mostly positive. 29 of 46 analysts recommend buying, 15 want to hold and only 2 analysts find a sale better. That’s a strong analyst vote in these turbulent stock market times. The average analyst target price is 460 US$, the highest even 600 US$ and would offer you a maximum potential of 38%. But how realistic is that? With a P/E ratio of 27 based on the earnings estimates for 2023, the streaming stock is still moderately valued, not a bargain anyway.