mit strategischer Partnerschaft in China SFC Energy: German Hydrogen Pioneer Enters Strategic Partnership in China

Last Updated: 9. November 2023By

German water-hydrogen pioneer SFC Energy recently landed two exciting orders. Before we come to that, I’ll briefly introduce you to the largely unknown company and its latest figures in the „Schlussgong“.

SFC Energy is, according to its own statements, a world leading corporate group for mobile energy solutions and power management for industrial, defense and leisure markets.

The company develops, produces and distributes energy supply systems and their components, among other things, based on fuel cell technology. Accessories and spare parts are also included in the offer.

Clear revenue and earnings growth Let’s look at the latest figures: SFC increased turnover in the first half of 2023 (no more recent figures are available) by 49.5% to 57.05 million euros. The adjusted earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation (adjusted EBITDA) more than doubled and reached a value of 7.32 million euros. The EBITDA margin rose from 8.2 to 12.8%.

The operating result (EBIT) increased from 0.71 to 4.36 million euros – even more significantly than the EBITDA. Net profit (from 0.37 to 3.33 million euros) and order backlog (from 74.18 to 85.71 million euros) could also increase significantly.

Revenue between 107 and 111 million euros is expected for the full year 2023, with adjusted EBITDA of 10.5 to 14.1 million euros and adjusted EBIT of 5 to 8.6 million euros.

Exciting new orders SFC recently announced that it is delivering emission-free fuel cells to the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary Power & Air Solutions. The hydrogen fuel cells from SFC are intended to protect the communication technology of Europe’s largest telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom.

This week, SFC also reported that the company has received a follow-up order from a Canadian oil producer. The Canadian oil company is once again relying on the proven expertise of SFC Energy’s successful VFD systems. The VFD systems are used by the customer to operate electric submersible pumps for oil production on platforms.

The integration of the VFD systems helps to significantly reduce installation and operating costs. They also improve the operating times of the pumps and optimize pump operation, which significantly increases the amount of pumped oil.

In addition, numerous other orders for hydrogen fuel cells have been reported in recent months, which should also lead to significant growth for SFC in the future with even higher profitability. In short: From my point of view, the harvest time for SFC has now begun!

This also has an impact on the stock market listing: The achievement of the profitability threshold means that not only speculatively oriented fans of growth values can take a look at the SFC share.