Middle East Conflict: High-Tech Drone Stocks Soar

Last Updated: 4. Dezember 2023By

I love having these kinds of discussions in private meetings. In enlightened pedagogical circles, I often take on the role of the black sheep. After all, there are not many stock authors and analysts there. And when someone with an important expression tells something that is obviously nonsense, I obviously cannot let it pass without comment – especially if I get the impression that people with the loudest opinion often have the least idea.

For example, if someone has an opinion about the Middle East conflict, they should make the effort to look for the roots in history. And that does not start with the founding of Israel in 1948. Another example: the Russian attack war in Ukraine.

Of course, one has to support Ukraine further. But does it have to be weapons? And in general: investing in military stocks is not to be ethically responsible for. As a former conscientious objector, I argue exactly the opposite: in view of the geopolitical situation and the acute threats on the eastern flank of the NATO countries, it is not responsible to have no military stocks in the portfolio. This has nothing to do with what you get almost daily on your TV screen, namely pictures of attacking tanks and exploding rockets.

The war is already taking place digitally The war is already taking place at computers, digitally, hybrid and partly even with AI. The Russian invasion in Ukraine was a test field for the drone war. A US company has flown to the top of this field – the share is increasingly gaining momentum through new orders. In particular, the demand for combat drone 0 is increasing more and more.

Combat drone with tank-breaking weapons This is a drone with a range of about 40 kilometers, which can stay in the air for 40 minutes, while the drone pilot searches for a target with a tank-breaking weapon. The drone is used by the US and Ukrainian armies – and soon also by Israel.

Israel orders drones for 40 million US dollars It was announced this week that the Israeli government has asked the US for 200 drones. The order value is estimated at around 40 million US dollars. In the run-up to the new quarterly figures that the US company will announce next week, the military share has already jumped to a 52-week high.

No question: drone stocks should remain in your portfolio.