Merry Crypto-Christmas with Wallet Gifts!

Last Updated: 22. Dezember 2023By

The purchasing power of the statutory pension will continue to decrease significantly in the future. This poses giant challenges for our children and grandchildren when it comes to their retirement planning. The financial industry is particularly benefiting from state-subsidized private pension plans. Despite the interest rate turnaround, classic savings plans do not yield attractive returns because inflation has exploded and the real interest rates remain low in the negative range.

In addition, there are risks due to the dubious legal deposit insurance, which in the event of a systemic crisis (states, currencies, banks) will be a toothless tiger that will not provide any protection functions for the account balances and deposits of savers. In such a case, the figures are frightening: even 500 euros of the 100,000 euro legal deposit insurance per customer would not be covered by the deposit insurance funds. That the cash-strapped state would intervene in such an extreme scenario is more than questionable.

Cryptocurrencies must be given away easily and safely! In the past, it was customary to give a savings book or open a bank savings product as a gift at the birth of a child. Money was then added to it until the child reached the age of majority. Savings books are no longer up to date, but many parents and grandparents still have the need to implement effective retirement and capital protection concepts for their children and grandchildren.

Cryptocurrencies are also playing an increasingly important role. In the context of my economic service „Confidential capital protection“ I receive questions about recommended retirement options for minors from parents, grandparents and godparents on a continuous basis. In addition, the need to give away cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum in addition to precious metals such as gold or silver has increased significantly in recent years. Giving away a hardware wallet such as a Ledger often leads to complex practical complications in my comprehensive experience.

Therefore, I recommend to make the process of giving away crypto as simple as possible. Selected card wallets, which I recommend to my readers from KRYPTO-X, offer an intelligent option for this. These enable simple, secure and long-term offline storage of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two most important cryptocurrencies by far.

Invest and diversify in a solid way into the new technology world of digitalization and tokenization! Digital assets will play an increasingly important role in the future. Take advantage of the hour now: Invest and diversify in a solid way into blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies around Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. as well as megatrends such as cybersecurity, the metaverse, NFTs or artificial intelligence (AI). I show you effective means and practical ways for this in the context of KRYPTO-X.