Mass phenomenon of cryptocurrencies!

Last Updated: 5. März 2024By

The digitization of our society, economy and money has been a key topic in my regular column „Money Systems of the Future“ for many years. The main foundations of our money lie in its functions as a means of payment and store of value, as well as its function as a unit of calculation and measurement. Have you ever wondered on what basis we actually measure the value of our money today? The gold standard as a fixed measure has not existed for decades. The measure of the euro is primarily the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

In our daily lives, however, we feel the loss of purchasing power through inflation, indicating that the value of our money is constantly decreasing. Money has long lost its important function as a store of value. Even the US dollar has no fixed measure. Therefore, all economic measurements of our money are not scientifically sound.

In contrast to any thermometer, our money is not calibrated! Like in all EU countries, Germany has a calibration law that is strictly monitored by the respective state calibration offices and other state-recognized testing facilities. Calibration according to the calibration law is a sovereign task in the Federal Republic. From fever thermometers to gas, water and electricity meters, taxi meters, speedometers to fuel pumps and various scales, millions of devices are calibrated. More than 120 different types of measuring devices are subject to calibration requirements. However, what is not calibrated in Germany, like in the rest of the world, is our money.

My conclusion: Bitcoin is one of the most important capital protection building blocks. For me, alongside gold, Bitcoin is one of the most important capital protection building blocks with the potential to become the standard unit of money. I recently gave a 2.5-hour interview on this topic to Börse Stuttgart TV: Bitcoin – Capital Protection First.

Face the challenges – Transform the big risks of our time into opportunities! Not only the global monetary and banking system, as well as the economy in Germany, are currently facing major risks and challenges, but also every citizen and asset holder. Inflation, digitization, demographics and migration are among the biggest risks and challenges in the coming years. Do not rely on the state, which has long lost its protective functions. Transform risks into opportunities by implementing intelligent capital protection strategies, which also include Bitcoin!