Marriott International – Expansion as a growth engine

Last Updated: 30. Januar 2024By

Today, I focus my attention on Marriott International, the flagship of the hotel industry that has established itself as one of the biggest winners after the coronavirus crisis. Let’s take a look together at the impressive development of this American family business, which takes us on a journey through a world full of diverse accommodation options.

Marriott’s success and global presence

Marriott is not only characterized by impressive growth of 20% per year in the last ten years, but also by the continuous expansion of its portfolio, which currently includes more than 8,800 properties in 139 countries. With a market value of $70.1 billion and a wide range of offerings, from mid-range hotels to luxury resorts, Marriott sets new standards in the hotel industry. This diversity positions the company at the top of the industry and is further strengthened by the popular loyalty program, Marriott Bonvoy, which already has 182 million members.

Six-month chart for Marriott International. Marriott has experienced a strong increase. (Source: Stock Screener)

Dynamic growth and strategic partnerships In 2023, Marriott recorded a record number of contract signings, indicating strong growth in net room numbers of 4.7%. Particularly noteworthy is the strategic licensing agreement with MGM Resorts International, which gives the company access to an even larger customer base. With a development portfolio of nearly 3,400 hotels, Marriott proves that its growth trajectory is unbroken. The diversification into different market segments, from luxury to affordable mid-range, underscores the company’s strategic foresight.

Conclusion: Marriott’s prospects As a stock expert, I consider Marriott International to be a promising player with strong fundamentals. The impressive diversification, strong momentum of the stock price, and the slim balance sheet structure thanks to the franchise model, combined with an innovative loyalty program, make Marriott one of the most promising players in the hotel industry. These factors could continue to lead the company to new heights, while also creating global connections through the power of travel. Stay tuned for further updates and deeper insights into the world of stock markets.