-Marke Rational stock breaks through the 700 euro mark

Last Updated: 11. Januar 2024By

The Rational stock has started the new stock market year very strongly and, after profit-taking in the first few days, has reached the 700 euro mark in today’s morning trading – for the first time since August of last year. The stock has gained around 35 percent since its low in late October (as of January 11, 2024, around 10 a.m.).

Today alone, the share has climbed by about 6 percent so far. The reason for this is excellent preliminary business figures for the fourth quarter and thus for the entire year 2023. Rational has exceeded expectations in terms of sales and has also convinced with its margin. The Rational stock has performed very well in recent months, but the outlook remains positive.

Rational with significant sales growth in 2023 After the nine-month figures, the commercial kitchen manufacturer had forecasted a high single-digit percentage growth in sales for the full year. However, with sales of around 1.13 billion euros in 2023, the company – according to preliminary figures – generated around 10 percent more revenue than in 2022.

At the same time, lower costs, such as for raw materials, have had a positive impact on EBIT. Rational reported approximately 277 million euros in EBIT and thus an EBIT margin of 24.5 percent. In advance, the company had expected a margin in the range of the previous year (23.2 percent). The final figures will be presented by the company at the end of March.

Rational stock jumps above 700 euros The preliminary figures have exceeded both sales and margin expectations and Rational’s own forecast. With this positive surprise in mind, the Rational stock has climbed above the 700 euro mark for the first time in around 5 months – before the turn of the year, the stock failed multiple times at this hurdle.

Due to the rally of recent months and the significant price jump today, there are inevitably risks of setbacks and further profit-taking. However, in the long term, the Rational stock remains interesting. The commercial kitchen group is the world market leader with innovative products. For medium and long-term oriented investors, there is definitely potential, especially the forecast for the current year 2024 could provide new impulses for the stock.

Source: https://aktienscreener.com