Lucrative Crypto-Collectibles!

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Our ancestors were still true hunters and gatherers, but for the purpose of survival. I myself am also passionate about hunting and gathering, but for me it is mostly about interesting and lucrative mobile material and digital assets. This also includes different collectibles that have now become an alternative asset class, as they encompass a diverse global market of different collector items.

My office in Palma de Mallorca is increasingly becoming a museum or a veritable treasure trove. In the secure storage room – which belongs to my office – I have stored a variety of mobile assets: from selected bottles of spirits like Beluga Vodka from Russia to almost countless original LEGO sets and LEGO minifigures, to limited edition paintings by James Rizzi, a limited edition Bitcoin painting by Marnali Art, and limited edition sculptures by Van Apple Art.

For many years, I have also invested in militaria from World War II. I do this because I enjoy the thrill of the hunt for new objects, and also because, like a savings plan, I regularly invest money in alternative assets that I expect to maintain their value and provide attractive returns.

First editions and limited editions are the breeding ground for value appreciation. I also invest in collectibles with a connection to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, which I regularly present to my readers at KRYPTO-X: From the strictly limited 500-piece Bitcoin gold coins from Niue in 2021 and 2022, the first gold Crypto Vreneli from Switzerland, to the Crypto Stamps from Austria, and the first limited edition blockchain stamps from the Principality of Liechtenstein. Most recently, the first strictly limited edition Crypto Stamp Coin, a gold coin from Austria with a digital twin on the blockchain, which sold out within minutes.

The Crypto Stamp Coin in gold is comparable to the works of an artist who is no longer alive. This creates a double limitation effect: once in relation to the precious metal gold, which is limited by its natural occurrence, and additionally by the relative rarity of the limited edition of each minting.

Such assets are independent of central authorities and stock market turbulence. The loss of purchasing power due to the debt-based flood of money from numerous states and central banks is constantly advancing. „Collectibles“ are one of the most effective strategies against this. Especially limited first and special editions have great potential for value appreciation in the future.

Invest and diversify in solid ways into the new technology world of digitization and tokenization! Digital assets will play an increasingly important role in the future. Take advantage of this opportunity now: Invest and diversify in solid ways into blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Co., as well as megatrends like cybersecurity, the metaverse, NFTs, or artificial intelligence (AI). In the framework of KRYPTO-X, I will show you effective tools and practical ways to do so.