Learned from the Best – Your Path to €32,600 in Just 8 Weeks

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To be successful on the stock market, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. It is much wiser to learn from the best investors, understand their ways of thinking, and then develop a strategy that has been proven to work over years and decades. That’s exactly what my team of analysts and I have done. Most readers will probably think of Ben Graham, the mentor of Warren Buffett at Columbia University, Buffett himself, or Charlie Munger. The investment philosophies of these big names have also greatly influenced our strategy.

Less present in the stock market media is the name of the first billionaire in history: John D. Rockefeller, who achieved incredible wealth through his wide range of business activities. We have extracted his methods of radical investing, hedging, and foresight to create a strategy that can make us successful on the stock market.

Using Rockefeller’s methods I implement the revolutionary Rockefeller methods with a very special type of securities: factor certificates. Because only in this way can you outperform the sluggish development of stocks and follow in the footsteps of the great John D. Rockefeller.

To do this, I first identify profit opportunities that other investors do not see. For this, I use my unique database in which I continuously analyze over 50,000 companies. This is how I find stocks that are about to experience a strong price increase.

In the next step, factor certificates come into play. Because you are not investing in the stock itself, which often costs 100, 200 € or more. You buy factor certificates on these stocks for only 3, 4, or 7 €. This means you are not putting all your eggs in one basket with expensive stocks – because a certificate only costs a fraction of the stock price – but you can multiply your profits.

This brings us to the final step of our strategy: hedging. With our trades, you are well prepared for all developments and can also make profits if turbulent times are ahead. Here, another advantage of factor certificates comes into play: while you have the chance to multiply your profits, your risk is limited due to the lower purchase price compared to stocks. And since you are not putting all your eggs in one basket with certificates either, but investing evenly, you can start new trades continuously. And we are not only limited to stocks. Factor certificates are also available for other assets. In times of high volatility, for example, we can leverage volatility or add commodities to our portfolio.

Stress test 2023: passed with flying colors A stress test for the Rockefeller methods was the stock market year 2023. A year that was marked by countless uncertainties. How did the Rockefeller methods fare in the practical stress test? Simply put: outstandingly. The annual performance was +72.5%. And we even made profits during phases when other investors were only experiencing losses. For example, on September 14, 2023, we recommended the factor certificate on the CBOE Vix volatility index with a leverage of 2. Just 3 weeks later, on October 4, we sold the certificate with a top profit of +63%. We then invested the capital in the factor certificate on Adyen with a leverage of 3 on October 5. On November 14, just over 5 weeks later, we sold the certificate with a profit of 200%. Readers who followed my recommendation and invested 10,000 €, for example, were able to more than triple their investment to 32,600 € in just 8 weeks.

What do I want to tell you with these successes? Sometimes it is enough to compare your investment strategy with historically successful investors and learn from their successes.