Krones Stock: Forecast Confirmed after Strong Quarterly Figures

Last Updated: 5. November 2023By

When looking at the chart of Krones stock in 2023, it could be assumed that the company had a very difficult year – the stock chart shows a hefty minus of almost 10 percent since the beginning of January. But the share price decline is in contrast to a basically strong business development.

Now Krones has confirmed the positive trend of the first half of the year with the presentation of the Q3 figures. The order backlog is at a record level and the company has also increased its profitability. The world market leader in filling systems for beverages has therefore confirmed its forecast for the entire year. Does the Krones stock have further catch-up potential?

Krones with strong sales and earnings development in the 3rd quarter Compared to the same period last year, the machine manufacturer was able to increase both sales and earnings. With almost 1.2 billion euros, the quarterly sales increased by about 10 percent compared to Q3 of 2022. Thanks to price increases, Krones was able to increase the result even more significantly: EBITDA rose by 17 percent to just under 111 million euros – the EBITDA margin was correspondingly strong at 9.5 percent.

In terms of incoming orders, the plant manufacturer achieved slightly more than 1.3 billion euros – this is less than in the previous year, but more than in the 2nd quarter of 2023. Particularly pleasing: The order backlog rose to the record level of almost 4.1 billion euros – thus the company is practically fully utilized up to 2025.

In the course of the quarterly figures, Krones confirmed the forecast for the current year. Compared to 2022, sales are expected to increase by 11 to 13 percent – the EBITDA margin is expected to be between 9 and 10 percent. In 2022, sales amounted to 4.2 billion euros, the margin was 8.9 percent.

Krones share: potential is available In the difficult stock market year 2022, Krones was one of the few winners, as a real flood of orders poured into the books. In 2023 the mood has turned – although it is going well for the company. From the share price losses of the past months, catch-up potential automatically arises in view of the strong figures after 9 months for the Krones share.

Above all, the utilization for several years and the positioning as a world market leader are good long-term arguments for Krones. With at least a solid annual accounts and an improved economic situation, the Krones share should also increase again – the majority of analysts also see great price potential in the paper.