Is this the start of the year-end rally?

Last Updated: 14. November 2023By

I am making it clear to you today: With a probability of at least 90 percent, we have already seen the bottom of the autumn correction and we are already at the beginning of the year-end rally.

The dry spell of the past few weeks should be over! What makes me so sure? Especially when the short-term downward trends in the US indices are still intact.

Now, I never make my forecasts lightly, but always prepare them very thoroughly. My intensive evaluations have yielded the following developments:

Recent buying frenzy finally makes end rally possible On the one hand, there is the rapid and market-wide rally of the past days. Here we are dealing with a very rare buying frenzy.

The last similar event took place at the end of January, by the way. Also at that time I predicted rising prices to you – and I was right about it. Until the end of July, US stocks could gain significantly.

Now they will probably do it again. This time the seasonality fits better, because we will have the strongest seasonal tailwind until the turn of the year that can only exist.

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Most of our stocks have already been able to benefit from this development in the past days. With some of our values, the price increases were even particularly large.

This is also the reason why our a bit more speculative Global Profits Power Depot is already back to the year-high, although the major indices are still far away from it.

Especially active stocks in our portfolios could explode by +15% to +25% in a short time. Here we see new year-highs or even all-time highs or the stocks are about to reach them. This shows you that we have put our money on the right (i.e. fast) horses.

Rising prices after surprisingly good figures bring even further rising prices But the thing has another advantage for the readers of my stock exchange service Voigts Global Profits. Most of our stocks were able to exceed market expectations in the quarterly figures. For this there were nice price increases as a reward.

But that’s not it yet. The prices continue to rise after positive surprises in the figures, even if there was already a jump in prices.

Because suddenly investors want to buy stocks that they had not even noticed before. And there is a hail of upgrades from analysts outbidding each other with ever higher price targets.

That’s why we stay with those of our stocks that have already had a nice rally recently. Because there is probably still much more to come!

This will be the game changer until far into next year! But now a new development is added, which we did not have in January. And which will have a massive impact on US stocks. This development is not reported in German financial media. Apparently it is largely unknown here.