Is the New Economy Coming Back?

Last Updated: 13. November 2023By

Have you also made a resolution for the fall to clear out the basement and attic? A few years ago, eBay was the preferred rest ramp for sellers. Nowadays, people are more likely to sell their old treasures on other portals.

Nevertheless, the eBay stock could be interesting. We have analyzed the value for you! eBay is the world’s leading provider of online auctions. The company has managed to transfer the thrill of the auction house to the online world. eBay offers on its website providers and demanders the possibility to trade all kinds of products. After the spin-off of the payment subsidiary PayPal, eBay is now focusing specifically on its online marketplaces.

Here’s where it’s heading: Revenue increased by 3% in the first half to $5.05 billion. Profit increased to $1.36 per share, while in the same period last year losses of $3.27 per share were made. eBay has launched several projects and innovations in 2023. The online sales platform eBay local was introduced. The advantage here is that local offers appear directly on the homepage and increased security for sellers is guaranteed. For a few years now, eBay has been focusing more and more on local offers.

There have already been projects such as the Corona immediate aid program or the initiative eBay your city. However, these variants were difficult to recognize on the platform. Another small change with great potential is the default selection of pick-up on site for online auctions. This should make it easier for sellers to offer and sell goods on the platform. The online auction house business segment should be significantly boosted. eBay is also increasingly focusing on sports marketing.

This dividend is tidy At the same time as the premiere of Air, a new movie about the history of the Air Jordan 1, eBay collaborated with several top sneaker sellers to host The ’85 Shop in Chicago. To boost sales figures, eBay is currently testing an AI tool in its mobile app that helps sellers create detailed item descriptions based on the entered keywords. As you can see, eBay is far from stuck in the 1990s. The dividend yield of 2.1% is also tidy.