Is the DAX Falling Below 16,000 Points Now?

Last Updated: 24. November 2023By

Yesterday’s trading saw the DAX for the first time since August surpass the contested mark of 16,000 points. This morning the leading index started off slightly weaker and is currently trading at around 15,990 points (as of November 24th, around 9.15am). The trend is overall still pointing upwards.

The question now is whether the DAX can sustainably break through the round mark. Should this be the case, the way is clear for even higher prices towards an all-time-high. As usual, it will depend on the guidelines from the US in the coming days and weeks.

The DAX jumped over 16,000 With 16,005 points, the index jumped over 16,000 in yesterday’s afternoon trading for the first time since summer – the mark only held briefly, at the end of the day the leading index traded at around 15,995 points. So far, the DAX has not been able to break through the mark, this morning it also started off below it.

Nevertheless, the rally of the past weeks can be seen: Since the end of October, the DAX has climbed by almost 9 percent. An important reason for the strong development on the stock markets is the reduced inflation and interest rate concerns. Recently, the signs have become more apparent that the Fed will no longer make any further interest rate increases and the topic of interest rate cuts is back in focus.

The guidelines from Wall Street are decisive Whether the DAX can sustainably break through the 16,000 point mark mainly depends on the guidelines from the US. If the stock markets continue to increase here, this could also be the starting signal for the German leading index. In today’s shortened Black Friday trading, which is traditionally very strong on the stock markets, significant impulses are conceivable.

At the threshold of 16,000 points, the DAX has repeatedly failed in the past months – a clear breakout above it would give the index’s course new momentum. At the moment, the chances of a real year-end rally are not bad – November was already a strong start.