Is Adobe aiming for an all-time high with its stock?

Last Updated: 30. Januar 2024By

Do you have Adobe stocks in your portfolio? Congratulations! In the past twelve months, the security has gained about 72 percent. Honestly, it couldn’t have gone much better!

The fundamental development looks very solid. Looking at the chart of revenue and earnings figures, it is noticeable that they have been steadily increasing since around 2015. Expectations for the following years are expected to rise even more steeply.

Company development Adobe; Source:

Pay attention to the price gap! In the chart, you can see a price gap between December 13th and 14th, which is directly related to the announcement of fourth quarter results. Although the figures presented can be viewed positively, the outlook from the company’s management was rather cautious. In addition, there is the not insignificant ad-hoc announcement that the US Federal Trade Commission has initiated an investigation into Adobe’s subscription models, which caused unrest among investors. Currently, there is no further information on this topic, but the technical analysis suggests that the market has now processed the news. After the strong development in recent days, it would be ideal to see some sideways movement before triggering.

Adobe stock (ISIN US00724F1012) – 1 year in daily chart; Source: