IPO Candidates for 2024: These are Upcoming Initial Public Offerings

Last Updated: 18. Januar 2024By

The past year in the stock market was characterized by uncertainty, despite strong overall performance. With no hope for a timely interest rate hike and a complicated global economic situation, some companies lacked the courage to go public.

However, in the ongoing year 2024, many experts believe that this will change. The conditions – especially the clear prospect of declining interest rates from the Fed and ECB – are better than before. Which companies will take the leap onto the stock market?

Douglas: IPO already in the first quarter of 2024? From a German perspective and at the beginning of the year, the traditional cosmetics chain Douglas is in focus for investors. The IPO in 2024 seems to be a done deal – according to the news agency Reuters, it could take place in the first quarter.

It is possible that Douglas will wait for the Christmas business numbers and then present a schedule for the IPO. Recently, a valuation of up to 7 billion euros was speculated. In addition to Douglas, there are several other large companies preparing for an IPO in 2024.

IPO in 2024: Who will take the step to the stock market? For the current year 2024, there are several well-known but also new names on the list of large companies that could take the step to the stock market. In Germany, in addition to Douglas, an IPO of the long-distance bus provider Flix is also possible.

Especially in the tech and fintech sector, there are likely to be some notable new companies going public this year. These include major social media platforms such as Reddit and Discord, as well as payment providers Stripe and Klarna. In addition, a 2024 IPO for AI specialist Databricks is probable.

There could also be some activity in China: Fashion giant Shein, as well as Cainiao Network Technology (logistics division of Alibaba) and Bytedance (TikTok) are all potential candidates for an IPO. For investors, the year 2024 could be very exciting in terms of IPOs.