Infineon Stock: Keep an Eye on the Quarterly Numbers

Last Updated: 19. Dezember 2023By

When you think of German technology stocks, the security of the Neubiburg semiconductor manufacturer Infineon likely comes to mind. The company describes itself as „the world’s leading provider of semiconductor solutions for power systems and IoT (Internet of Things)“. It benefits from megatrends such as e-mobility and renewable energies.

Infineon has presented another record year. Germany is not considered an Eldorado for technology companies: too bureaucratic, too fearful, too high energy costs! However, Infineon is keeping up and has just presented another record year. Looking back over the past few years, we see a steady upward trend in sales, with small setbacks in terms of profit. Prospects for 2024 are rather subdued, but what does that mean? The megatrends of e-mobility and renewable energies are still on the agenda! For long-term oriented investors, the Infineon share may still be interesting.

The chart shows strong price movements after the last two quarterly reports. The quarterly profit was higher than the same period of the previous year in each case; in the third quarter, when the sell-off followed the figures, the profit increase was particularly strong. Those who want to orient themselves to the current chart formation for short- and medium-term trades could use the support line that runs into the August gap as a stop-loss mark for a long trade and enter when positive momentum occurs. Long-term investors trust in the undoubted potential of the company in future technologies and the positive price development since the spin off from the former parent company Siemens.

Conclusion With well-secured trades, you can sleep well. For long-term orientation, you will probably have to withstand the occasional price drop – as after the figures for the third quarter – and have good nerves! The next quarterly figures will be released on February 6th!