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Last Updated: 7. Dezember 2023By

Do you remember the Advent season three years ago? Working from home had become normal and the next lockdown was looming. A stock from this time could soon take off again. Find out what matters most for TeamViewer right away. It’s worth it! TeamViewer is a software company from Göppingen, Germany that specializes in remote maintenance software via screen sharing, video conferencing, data transfers and VPN solutions. All products are offered on a subscription basis. TeamViewer is active worldwide.

TeamViewer is moving forward With €464 million in revenue in the first nine months, TeamViewer exceeded its strong previous year figures by 11.6%. Invoicing rose by 7% to €477 million. Earnings per share increased by 109%, also due to the current share buyback program. TeamViewer now holds 6.4% of the shares itself. The buyback was completed in mid-June. Cash flow rose by a third to €166 million. The number of subscribers increased modestly by 1%. New customers were mainly won in South Korea and the USA. The mobile product segment is being driven forward with clear progress and further growth opportunities are being seized. The virtual quality seal through SAP, which comes with the successful certification process for the SAP Endorsed App, also helps to penetrate the market with the Tensor software. Growth also includes staff recruitment, which fits in with an increase of 5%. A revised marketing partnership with Manchester United from the beginning of the 2024/2025 season will lead to further increases in profitability. The early extension of the service contract with CEO Oliver Steil creates further stability on the current success path with an operating margin of 44%, which exceeds the plan figures by 4 percentage points. The annual forecast with a turnover target of €620 to €645 million was confirmed. After the price drop in October, a recovery is expected.

For whom the share is suitable Although no dividend is promised here, we like the growth at TeamViewer: The company could conquer new exciting areas with its products. The share has become cheaper, but the low equity ratio slightly dampens the positive picture. The stock is something for the brave – stay tuned!