„How to Plan Buying Zones During a Pullback“

Last Updated: 21. Februar 2024By

Bullseye: Last week, I showed you in the Trading Insider where Marathon Digital’s stock could still rise and how far it could fall. The stock has obediently followed my lines.

I announced last week at what point it was time for a pullback. I also marked on the chart how far this pullback could go. The stock has now fulfilled both points!

Marathon Digital in the daily chart I marked the channel in color. At the upper end, in my opinion, the longest stretch for the bulls was over for now. And that’s exactly what happened. As soon as the prices reached $30, profit-taking began. I would have done the same if I had wanted to sell there.

(Source: Tradingview.com) The first zone for the planned pullback has now been reached! But I’m not buying yet. Bitcoin hasn’t fallen much yet. Altcoins have dropped by 10-20 percent. But that’s still not enough to take any action. There is still more to come.

At the same time, Coinbase is still relatively high. The stock also dropped 5 percent today – just like Marathon – but we are only at $164. My attractive buying zone starts just above $140. That’s why I’m not adding to my position yet.

I’m also giving Marathon Digital a little more room to fall. The zone around $18 would be an ideal entry point if we see it in the coming days. For that to happen, Bitcoin would probably have to fall below $50,000. BTC is currently trading at $51,200.

If that happens, the prices of Marathon Digital and Coinbase could look really tasty. Interestingly, my two positions (Marathon Digital stock and 3x leveraged certificate on Coinbase) are up 85 percent in my portfolio. They are moving in sync – at least in my trades.

Update on the Crude Oil Trade I started a long trade on crude oil about 2 weeks ago. The reason for this was seasonality. In the current phase, WTI prices have often risen in the past. I should let the trade run until March 4th. That’s what seasonality says. At this point, the prices will then turn and fall even more, according to statistics.

Not much has happened yet. The certificate is up 7.29 percent. Just today, it went up 6.7 percent. WTI prices have been moving sideways since the start of the trade. Sometimes they go up a few percent in the portfolio. The next day they go down again. Let’s see where we stand on March 4th and, above all, whether it will then go south in price as it often does.