How to Benefit from the Weight Loss Injection Craze

Last Updated: 20. Februar 2024By

It is not new that the overweight of many people is a problem in most industrial societies. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity has almost tripled worldwide since 1975. Experts even predict that by 2035, half of the world’s population could be overweight or obese.

Accordingly, there is a huge potential for medications against obesity. Some experts believe that the market for such medications could increase from the current 6 billion to 100 billion per year by 2030.

Slimming injections become a lifestyle medication One possible medication against diabetes and obesity are slimming injections. They have the advantage that diabetics only need to inject once a week instead of injecting insulin after every meal. That these injections also help with obesity and lead to weight loss was originally just a side effect.

There has been a real hype around slimming injections on social media. They are not only used by patients suffering from overweight or diabetes. For many, they have become a lifestyle medication.

The medications suppress appetite and increase the feeling of fullness. Those who inject them automatically eat less and lose weight. However, the effect only lasts as long as the injections are used. If they are stopped, the feeling of hunger increases again and most people gain weight again. For the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the injections, they are therefore a lifelong business.

Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly offer preparations Some of the most popular medications in this area are the slimming injections Ozempic and Wegovy from Novo Nordisk.

But the US pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly is also active in the market. After the slimming injection Mounjaro was already approved in Europe and the USA for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, the slimming injection Zepbound was approved by the FDA in the USA in November. EU approval is expected this year. Zepbound performed better in studies than the products of competitor Novo Nordisk and is also cheaper.

The demand for such injections is currently higher than the production capacities of both companies combined. Everything that can currently be produced is also sold.

In principle, you can invest in both companies if you want to benefit from slimming injections.