Here is my first stock market outlook for you.

Last Updated: 17. Januar 2024By

Let me give you a small preview of the upcoming stock market year.

Don’t worry: I generally expect a good year for the stock market, but there will be significantly more volatility. Sometimes sweaty shirts are the price for such beautiful gains as in the past year.

Here is my first stock market outlook for you: And never before has it been as important as this year which political decisions are made or how elections turn out. Because the political factions are drifting further and further apart. This can completely reverse a former positive forecast.

This development demands maximum flexibility from you as an investor.

The following factors will mainly influence the stock prices:

Falling interest rates are likely to continue to provide good tailwinds for stocks. But this only applies under certain conditions.

Key drivers in 2024: falling interest rates, growing promises, high optimism. The US election campaign and the accompanying new promises are also likely to keep the stock market in a good mood, but also cause some uncertainty at times. Excitement is definitely guaranteed.

Two very old candidates, each with at least one (failed) impeachment and ongoing criminal or investigation proceedings, are running for election. One became rich and went into politics. One went into politics and became rich (the „usual“ way).

One could say it’s like choosing between the plague and cholera. However, a change of power in the US could bring a lot of gains to the stock market, as we can see from the year 2016 (Trump’s election victory).

At the beginning of the year, the currently very high optimism is likely to initially slow down the stock markets.

Good! Because I am eagerly waiting for a noticeable break, during which I can recommend some new stocks to the readers of my stock market service Voigts Global Profits at slightly cooled prices.