Guru Predicts Bitcoin Will Reach $5 Million!

Last Updated: 22. November 2023By

I am known to be strongly bullish on Bitcoin for some time now. I was right, as the fresh new yearly highs of this cryptocurrency prove. Bitcoin is even heading towards the 40,000 USD mark.

The trigger for the recent upswing was certainly the speculation around a Bitcoin ETF approval, which I had repeatedly brought up at this point.

Bitcoin & Co: Massive Capital Inflows Cause Prices to Explode These speculations were recently given further nourishment when the world’s largest asset manager (BlackRock) filed another ETF application last Thursday – this time for an Ethereum spot ETF.

The chances are good that the two largest cryptocurrencies will soon receive a strong surge in demand if these ETFs are actually approved. Then, for example, mixed funds could access these securities and incorporate them into their portfolio. Investments in cryptocurrencies will become mass-compatible!

Analysts expect massive capital inflows between 150 and 200 billion USD in the near future into the cryptocurrencies. For example, Steven Schoenfeld, former head of International Equity Product Strategy at Barclays Global Investors (now BlackRock).

Guru sets Bitcoin target at 5 million USD! Another analyst, Michael Saylor, American entrepreneur and „Bitcoin Guru“, even gave a target price for Bitcoin of 5 million USD in a recently released tweet. 5,000,000 USD – that would be a smooth multiplication of 139 times from the current level of around 36,000 USD, or a profit of 13,789%!

He believes that banks could accept Bitcoin as security when granting loans after the Bitcoin ETF approval. In addition, companies could invest directly in Bitcoin in the future and properly record their digital assets in their balance sheet. Both could massively boost demand.

Even if we leave aside the „adventurous“ price targets for Bitcoin: the outlook for Bitcoin remains positive from several fundamental perspectives and an attack on the 40,000 USD mark and a landing at 45,000 USD seems to me an absolutely realistic option until the end of the year.

Bitcoin: Rally in Full Swing!


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